Lesson Price List


Introductory Lesson Package (Special for new HMS riders)

Buy 2 private lessons and the third lesson (private or group) is FREE—$100.00

 Private Lessons

Private 1/2 hour lesson—$50.00

Group Lesson Packages

On sale the first week of each month, to be used for Group Lessons only.

4-Lesson Package—$144.00

5-Lesson Package—$180.00

 Special Family Rates

For families with more than one member riding, we offer a special discount, to be used for Group Lessons only.

Two students; 4-Lesson package—$132.00/student

Two students; 5-Lesson package—$165.00/student

Three students; 4-Lesson package—$120.00/student

Three students; 5-Lesson package—$150.00/student

 Note: Once a student purchases a package for the month, any extra lessons that month may be paid for individually at the cost of $36.00 per lesson

 **HMS Lessons Are Purchased In Monthly Lesson Packages.**

Example: If a student’s lesson day is Monday, the student will check how many Mondays are in that month and MUST purchase accordingly—either four lessons for $144 or five lessons for $180.

All packages sold after the 7th of each month will be charged a $10.00 late fee.

If a student rides twice a week, he or she MUST purchase two lesson packages in order to reserve those two weekly lessons.

If a student cannot make a lesson, he or she MUST notify HMS 24 hours prior to the missed lesson. If HMS is not notified within 24 hours, the student will lose the make-up time for that lesson. The student is responsible for rescheduling make-up times. All make-up lessons must be taken by the last day of the month. The only exceptions to this policy is if HMS has to cancel a lesson due to weather or horse show schedule. In this instance, the lesson may be carried over to the following month for your convenience. No refunds will be given.